Transition your style from winter to spring


This is something we all have been waiting for, warmer weather. Spring cleaning out your closet moving winter clothes to the back and bringing your spring and summer clothes on up is the best feeling ever. With the weather being so bipolar, you may still have to reach to the back of the winter clothing and grab a light jacket for the windy and low temp days. Here are five tips to help with the transition so you dress appropriately and prepared whether its super hot or cold. 

1) Layer lightly: Wearing layers allows you to pile on as much as needed for the colder mornings and during the day as it warms up you can peel those layers off one by one as needed. 

2) Wear bright colors: Nothing helps you transition and get the reality of it warming up then wearing the bright spring colors which can prepare you for those beautiful days ahead. 

3)Introduce print: Nothing establishes the difference between winter and spring than a bold print. Floral print is my fave when used appropriately. 

4) Hair therapy: Try something new with your hair. Maybe a new color, or cut. It'll change your mood and change the same boring winter style you had. 

5) Pucker up and kiss winter bye bye: Spring means warm weather and bright fun colors. Spice up your lips with a new shade of color rather than the usual dark winter colors you were previously wearing. Peach, pink, or something latte are always great choices. 


Spring Must Haves

Happy Monday!! Super happy its spring season. Of course you still have your fairly breezy days as today is here in Texas but its by far my favorite season. If you have been to Texas you know its either super hot or super cold rarely is there an in between. Having our few spring days I definitely cherish them. I have put together a list of my favorite spring clothing must haves. Each item can be mixed and matched for the perfect spring outfit.   


Tulle Princess


Tulle skirt can be found here (The Girl That Loves) in a variety of colors

Happy Friday!! My fave day of the week because its the start of the weekend. What makes Friday better? A  fun tulle skirt duh! I had the most amazing opportunity to design a piece for The Girl That Loves Spring/Summer collection. Both of those seasons are fun, warm, and bright so it was only right to bring the brilliant idea of tulle in the picture. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!! Oh and head over to TGTL to view this fab skirt in multiple colors and for an amazing price!! 



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (items going clockwise)

So the temps are finally heating up here in Dallas and I am excited!! It makes it even better that the time has now changed so we have longer days! I love the spring & summer ten times more than winter just because of the simple fact of not having to bundle up and not being able to really show off your cute outfits. I know my blogger people completely know where I am coming from with this. Taking blog style pics in negative degree weather, definitely not fun! Regardless, I took a trip to Target recently and they have been getting in some super cute spring and summer pieces. The pieces above are one of many of Targets newest items and they are adorbs. This outfit still has the ability to keep you warm partially through a small breeze but cute enough to wear during this spring season and not worry about a jacket. Whether your going to the mall or lunch I think this outfit would work perfectly. 


10 Things to try this month

I know I haven't blogged in about a week and a half. Due to traveling and being sick I haven't put the time into doing so. My apologies to all of my dedicated readers! Well, I decide to start a new segment on my blog each month trying at least 10 different things.

1) Keep fresh flowers in our house weekly.
2) Try to keep a constant work out schedule. I usually work out in the evenings after work but I think a morning schedule may be more consistent and better for me.
3) Visit the Dallas aquarium
4) Try a Flywheel class
5) Try at least 5 different happy hour spots. I have found one that I love and haven't tried anything else since. Believe me, I know Dallas has plenty of restaurants with fab happy hours and deals so I am pushing myself to get out there and try them
6) Keep a constant blog schedule. I have my calendar of when and what I will post but that always changes. I plan to use at least one day out of the week to try and write the post ahead of time and schedule them for the days they should post. 
7) Cleanse! I have been planning this for so long and I still have no clue exactly what type of cleanse I want to do. I think I have narrowed down to a few options with the juice cleanse being #1.
8) Go to a wine tasting or vineyard
9) a bold lip color. I usually have my shades of red that I love but it being "spring" I want to try something bold and bright for the season
10) I don't have a #10 but I love all of my readers! Have a great day you guys :)